Vic's 2010 Campaign

A New Wrinkle

As our journey continues our intrepid band finds themselves trying to decide what to do with the mysterious magical scroll they have found on the body of a dead elf. After much discussion it is decided that Ryodan Copysmith will open the scroll. He will then rely on his scribe skills to reseal it with it’s own wax once it’s read. He feels he should be able to do this as the dead elf was also in possession of a magical signet ring that matches the scroll’s seal. Before the scroll can be opened the Half-Orc cocks his head at some sound unheard by the rest of the party and quickly drawing his bow, fires a warning shot into a tree right next to the head of an unknown approaching human woman. Happily before more violence is forthcoming the woman is identified as one Tyrra Wyrvenjack, a cleric the Half Orc recognizes as having helped guard the caravan he had been a part of. Both parties are suspicious of the other’s escape but agree for the moment to work together to try and determine what is happening. Once that is settled the Half Orc delicately slits open the scroll, the party is astonished as the wax, once removed, vanishes into a puff of smoke. Ryodan shrugs and decides to read the scroll anyway. After just barely scanning the title his mouth drops open and he begins to drool and make unintelligible noises letting the partially opened scroll fall from his fingers. After this obvious magical malady has struck, no one else tries to read the scroll and the companions, finding none among them able to heal their stricken friend, decide to continue onward hoping to find a cure for him along the way. They make haste as they have noticed a mounted party coming with quickly from the direction of the city about a half day’s ride away.

Along the road Laereth Mallchel‘s sharp eyes spot an inn on the road ahead and the party decides to stop for the night and try to get their bearings. The inn is the property of a single family run by a woman and her three sons. It is a welcoming place with few customers as twilight falls. A girl pops up and after looking closely at Ryodan’s blank face and vacant eyes she darts away only to return with an old man who identifies himself as the wizard Corbin . He quickly restores Ryodan’s intelligence back to normal and calmly informs the party he is the scrolls intended recipient. He is most distressed to hear of the death of the elf as he was the wizard’s former pupil. Though he refuses to divulge the scrolls contents he requests the party’s aid. He entreats them to return to Kor and get in touch with his compatriot Mog. All they are told is while Mog may not be the brightest he is fiercely loyal and his people will find the party if they merely wander through the central part of the city, the fallen elf’s signet ring will identify them to any of Mog’s followers. Mog will be able to enlighten the party further as to how they can help.

In partial payment for delivering the scroll and their hoped future help the old wizard confirms the party’s suspicions of the task set to them by the woman of the thieves guild. It was a set up intended to discredit them. Furthermore the wizard informs Ryodan that the woman who they had tried to get them killed was the same person who ordered his father murdered, although the wizard did not know who the murderer was nor who hired the guild for his execution.

Their conversation is brought to an abrupt halt as two armed men appear in the doorway of the inn. Their target seems to be the old wizard and the party due to their obvious collusion with the aged man. A fight ensues during which four more attackers appear, two in the inns rafters and two in a window. These ruffians are hardly a match for our hearty band and all are dispatched in short order save one put to fearful flight during the combat. Tyrra uses her holy powers to revive the lead attacker and the party tries various methods to persuade him to talk. The wizard does not approve of some of their methods and withdraws to his room upstairs along with his female companion. While most of the party is involved in the unsuccessful interrogation Ryodan and Milo Miniwick go outside to search the villain’s heavily lathered horses. They discover orders written in perfect elven for the old wizard’s capture. Ryodan quickly ascertains a human wrote the note, probably a woman. All thoughts leap back to the woman at the thieves guild. Inside the subject of their interrogation finally breaks his unwavering silence after some unique persuasion by the Half Orc. The man proves to be a mercenary and confirms the attack was aimed at subduing and retrieving the old wizard, the party was believed to be on the road to the dwarves (as was originally planned upon finding the scroll). He did not know who had ordered the abduction, but he did know there were nine in the party that had come after them, that left three attackers unseen and the fled man from the earlier unaccounted for. The party decided the others were waiting for the full near moonless dark to fall before they attacked.

Sure enough the keen ears Milo’s canine steed heard the stealthy approach of several men as they encircled the inn. After a rapid whispered consultation all the lights in the inn are doused, the decision to fight under the cover of darkness due to several party members heightened night vision. Tyrra and Milo, not having these racial advantages, both brace themselves out of the way and wait for the fight to begin. The battle in the darkness is even briefer and more ugly than the previous attack during daylight. Even Tarka’s worg dispatches several attackers as they close in on the inn. Sudden light blooms as a fireball roars down the upstairs hallway roasting a final attacker, signs of the old wizard’s skill. Survey after the fight shows the sad news of the death of the family who runs the inn as well as the death of the wizard’s companion. It also reveals there were more than nine attackers total. The dead are removed from the main building before the party catches a brief guarded rest.

Since these men were somehow connected to the woman at the thieves guild the party decides to follow the old man’s advice and seek out his friend Mog back in Kor. During the night all the dead were either burned be they foe or buried decently be they innocent. Also the old wizard’s companion appears to have been resurrected as an orc. It is decided they will part ways with the wizard and return to the city to seek answers there.



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