Vic's 2010 Campaign

A New Wrinkle Part 2

Returning to the city of Kor the party decides to split up before entering as the cleric Tyrra Wyrvenjack is as of yet unknown to the thieves guild. They decide on an inn as a rendezvous point and enter through different gates. Tyrra goes to the specified inn to wait and the rest of the party wends their way into the central part of the city hoping to be spotted by Mog’s people before being waylaid by the guild.

Soon enough a small boy approaches the party refering to the signet ring on Ryodan Copysmith’s finger and asking if they are family too. Realizing this is their contact the party follows the boy through several streets until they find themselves in a blind alley. The boy informs them they are surrounded, turns himself back into a halfling and begins to question them as to where they got the ring and what they are doing there. The party explains they were told by the wizard Corbin to find Mog and that he would know what they were to do. The halfling informs them Mog was murdered in the night and they have not finished going through his papers so there is no way of knowing what it was intended they do. The halfling is also dismayed over the death of the scroll carrying elf. The party informs him that the fall from his horse, resulting in his death, was no accident but a deliberate murder.

The halfling further confirms suspicions of the woman with the thieves guild both in the matter of the set up and the murder of Ryodan’s father. He shocks them all when he declares Ryodan’s father to have been one of the top assassins in the city, a fact Ryodan never suspected. This was the reason for murder of the father and for the attempt to discredit the son. The party is told the same person who killed Ryodan’s father must be responsible for the death of the elf. After much consultation it is decided that the party will confront the thieves guild in the hopes of finding the truth from the woman behind all this.

Meanwhile back at the inn Tyrra answers the door to find a child with an unsealed note for her. It appears to be in Ryodan’s hand and instructs her to meet them at a certain tavern right away.

Boldly, the party goes directly to the tavern the woman operates the guild out of. They offer her half the gold they got from the “bandits” saying she was lucky to get anything after setting them up like that. She is amused by this brash approach and declares the party to have guts. She then tells them that the murder was paid for by the brother who wished to bring back the Kozakuran’s by forcing them to deal with the death of thier ambassador to Caeradon. It is further revealed that our half-orc companion is a ninja hired to protect the ambassador.


Written by Kristin Hoover

with minor corrections and the addition of tags by Jay Hova

A New Wrinkle Part 2

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