Vic's 2010 Campaign

The Adventure Begins

Our campaign so far consists of a party of 4 non-humans containing; Laereth Mallchel, a fiddle playing Elf and Ryodan Copysmith a Half-elf, both armoured spell casters, Milo Miniwick, a dog mounted Halfling weilding a lance and Tarka a Half-Orc with a penchent for putting arrows through people. The opening game consisted of the party meeting in the city of Kor on the island contenent of Caeradon after the elvish bard had her coin purse snatched by a halfling member of the thieves guild. We traced the guild hangout to a local tavern where we encountered a female guild member who offered to give my character Ryodan Copysmith (the half-elf) information on his father’s murder six months prior. In exchange for this information the party was told that the guild wished to collect money owed by a gang of bandits half a day south of town. The party was lead to believe that these bandits were responsible for the attack on Tarka’s caravan.



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