Vic's 2010 Campaign

The Adventure Begins (Part 2)

After being given the location of the band we headed south and encountered a party in what looked to be the described location. One of our party was spotted and the other party demanded booze or money. When neither was forthcoming they attacked. The fight ended after we routed what we thought were bandits. We came upon a group holding bows and claiming to be merchants. We ran them off and searched the wagons finding nothing to indicate them as the ones we were looking for. Theses merchants claimed the leader had ridden off. My familiar spotted someone fleeing south along the road. We gave chase. The riders horse stumbled and feel killing the rider, an elf with a very interesting magic signet ring and a scroll. We decided to take the scroll to the dwarves further down the road as this seemed to be the most likely location for it’s intended delivery. At this point is was clear that we had be duped into stopping the delivery of this scroll.


Author: Jay Hova

The Adventure Begins (Part 2)

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