Caeredan is a mid-sized continent on the world of Thessarin, and is divided up into three separate countries. The continent was one entire nation at one point, united under the banner of Caeredan the Conqueror more than 1,000 years ago. Today, the nation of Caeredan is still the largest on the continent, but it only covers the northeastern half of the continent. The once-great coastal city of Kor, which is built on the convergence of two mighty rivers, serves as the capital of Caeredan.

Seventy-five years before modern time, Caeredan was invaded and occupied by the island nation of
Kozakura. Caeredan’s vast mineral wealth was pillaged to fuel Kozakura’s expansionist war. Twelve years before modern time, Kozakura simply left without reason. The nation is currently in shambles and is in dire economic straits. The river delta section of Kor is overrun by poor and indigent people. Crime and corruption are rampant, and the Thieves’ Guild has almost absolute control of the zone.

The Dwarven kingdom of Darethan split from the Caeredan Empire 270 years before modern time and only does business with others out of necessity. Darethan was attacked several times during the occupation of Caeredan, but the attacks never succeeded. The mighty wall of Deadstone Pass was never breached. The Dwarves of Darethan did not get involved in Caeredan’s plight, preferring to wait it out in their mountain stronghold.

The third (and newest) country isn’t really a country at all so much as it is a collection of independent city-states that broke away from the nation of Caeredan during the occupation. These Outlands are considered to be a lawless area. Outside of the major cities, highwaymen and robber barons rule the roads. The cities aren’t much safer.


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